Duplicated system suffixes may not appear correctly if the suffix is edited on the original system. 

More information

When you duplicate a system, a suffix is added to differentiate the new system from the original. The suffix will be ‘Type: B’. Further duplicates will be identified as ‘Type: C’, then ‘Type: D’ and so on.

This issue means that if you edit the system suffix, changing it to something other than the default letter (such as ‘Type: For kitchens’), any subsequent duplicate systems will either:
  • Have an empty suffix field such as ‘Type: ’
  • Have a random string of characters such as ‘Type: BROFBSJ’

An example of the blank suffix is shown below:

Create KB10227_1


This will be caused by a custom suffix and either scenario can occur.


This will not negatively impact your specification, as the resulting type can be manually edited as normal. It is merely the auto-generated suffix that is not appearing correctly.

If you are editing the suffix, we recommend manually correcting the fields in the duplicate systems, e.g. adding back in the type letter “B”, “C” and so on.

This will be resolved in a future update.