The NBS Plug-in for Autodesk Revit allows you to better coordinate your model with your specification or schedule. More information

It is compatible with NBS Chorus, NBS Create, NBS Landscape, NBS Scheduler and NBS Domestic.

For more information about each feature please see the in-program help menu on the NBS tab in Autodesk Revit when you have the plug-in installed.

Feature compatibility

Feature NBS Chorus* NBS Create NBS Building
NBS Landscape
NBS Scheduler NBS Domestic
Download BIM Objects from the NBS National BIM Library


Check NBS National BIM Library Objects are up-to-date


Associate a clause from your linked specification (or schedule) with an object in your model
View the NBS clause in your linked specification (or schedule) from Revit  
View the NBS Guidance for associated clauses  
Add content to a specification from Revit        
Edit content within a specification from Revit        
Verify Associations      
Overview of associated objects grouped by Revit category    
View practice (user) notes        
Export a specification from a model        
Associate a clause from NBS Create office masters with an object in your model        
Add NBS General and COBie object parameters