Henrik Schoenefeldt

Henrik Schoenefeldt
Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture, University of Kent

Henrik is currently Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture at the Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent. His research interests are in contemporary low-energy architecture, in particular PassivHaus, architectural and engineering education, and in the environmental principles of historic buildings. Since 2012 the focus of his research has been on the design, development and performance of the historic ventilation system of the Houses of Parliament, but has also been leading research in low-energy design, which includes a post-occupancy evaluation of a PassivHaus certified house in Dulwich.

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24 March 2015 | by

An innovative stack system which has provided ventilation for the Palace of Westminster's debating chambers for more than 90 years is now being widely considered as a model for low-energy, sustainable ventilation in large public buildings.