Rebecca De Cicco


Director, Digital Node

Rebecca De Cicco is currently Director at Digital Node externallink. She was previously employed as Associate Director - Innovation at David Miller Architects externallink and as Technical Associate for KSS Architects externallink in London, specialising in Autodesk Revit and Building Information Modelling. Rebecca's career began as an Architectural Assistant for HASSELL in Australia where she worked on a variety of projects within a digital environment. If not for her keen interest to travel she would have undoubtedly had a prominent role within the company as she travelled across many of the offices throughout Australia as a strong influence.

Rebecca's keen interest in digital technology at university level allowed for a commendation for digital design in 2001. Rebecca then travelled abroad to the United Kingdom and worked with HOK as a starting platform to then move onto her role at KSS where she has furthered her knowledge in a BIM focused practice as well as harnessed and promoted her keen passion in digital design and architecture.

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26 April 2016 | by

We gaze into the future to understand how the construction industry will evolve, learn and create opportunities in the years ahead.

01 June 2012 | by

Rebecca De Cicco explores how BIM is impacting on all stages of the design process.