ADAM Architecture is a Winchester and London-based practice, specializing in classical and traditional architecture and contextual urban design. The practice has a large, award-winning team and has worked on various projects – from public and commercial buildings to historical and international ones. 

The team at ADAM Architecture works across multiple offices, and had already moved to NBS Chorus when the pandemic hit the UK in March 2020. Because NBS Chorus is cloud based, the team were able to continue working on their specifications from home with no additional IT setup.

Figure 1  - Palladian Villa, Hampshire

Dave explains how using Chorus has brought a range of benefits to the practice.

'The practice was using NBS Building, and it worked well for us. However, last year we found out about NBS Chorus and decided it was a no-brainer and the logical step to drive the business forward to become more digital. We knew that Building was going to retire, so that sped up our decision to implement Chorus straight away.'

Dave thinks that two of the more important Chorus features are that its cloud-based and the enhanced level of cybersecurity provided.

‘It’s good to know that we don’t have to set up any hosting services, as we had to for NBS Building, to support NBS Chorus. NBS Chorus, as a cloud hosted service, means that we do not need to heavily incorporate its availability into our Disaster Recovery strategy too – this is a huge weight off our shoulders as an IT department.

‘That also means that the team don’t have to use the VPN to access Chorus from home, which reduces the overall reliance on the VPN.'

Figure 2 - One of the ADAM Architecture projects in NBS Chorus
Dave describes the practical benefits that NBS Chorus provides to the rest of the team at ADAM: 

'NBS Chorus simplifies the specification process and reduces the time and resource we used to have to spend on specification writing, meaning our team can spend more time designing, and less time writing documents.'
‘We spent much more time training people how to use Building than has been spent on training for Chorus. This is because the actual interface is much simpler and more intuitive, and it also loads faster – meaning that content and products for projects are easier to find, and specs ultimately take less time to write’.

Dave says that implementing NBS Chorus across the business could not have been easier, thanks to the platform’s inbuilt training features. 

‘I haven’t come across another piece of software with such well-put-together inbuilt training. The in-product Help centre and eLearning modules are brilliant. The younger staff have picked up the interface incredibly quickly, and it has also meant that the more experienced team members don’t have to spend as much time training up graduates.’

'Both junior and senior staff have sung Chorus' praises. We've also signed up to NBS’ marketing emails, and the team have been attending the relevant webinars and masterclasses. We’ve also been looking in to the training courses available in the NBS Academy.'

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