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Historic Buildings

We round-up articles that explore a range of restoration, refurbishment and maintenance issues in relation to historic buildings.

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14 September 2016 | by

John Hill explores a century's worth of 'signficant' buildings in 100 Years 100 Buildings.

11 February 2016 | by

In the final part of our series we ask 'Where are people going to live in the years ahead?' and look at a range of different materials, innovative designs, and unique approaches to community that just might be part of a wider solution.

04 February 2016 | by

In the first of a two part series we ask 'Where are people going to live in the years ahead?' We look at alternatives to the traditional home. This time we explore a range of different materials.

08 July 2015 | by

Buckingham Palace's 775 rooms have seen better days. We outline a list of construction problems but who will foot the £150m bill and will Her Majesty need to move out during the works?

25 June 2015 | by

A report has set out possible options for the restoration of the Palace of Westminster at significant cost to the taxpayer. We explore some of the options.

01 June 2012 | by

In the first of a two part series Emma Humphrey shares her experience as a budding building detective.

01 June 2012 | by

The concluding part of a two part series where Emma Humphrey turns building detective.

01 June 2010 | by

Peter Barker, Senior Consultant at Chiltern International Fire, outlines the issues and offers practical advice on managing the fire risk in historic buildings.

01 May 2008 | by

We explore different types of thatch and how to mittigate some of the risks around its use on a construction project.

31 January 2007 | by

Adrian Cave explores a range of factors to be considered when attempting to make historic buildings inclusive.