22 June 2017

The NBS Online Viewer is now available as an open beta and makes it quick and easy for everyone working on your project to access and manipulate your 3D design model and dive into a wealth of fully-co-ordinated information.

We've been lucky enough to receive some really great feedback so far and we're looking forward to more people trying it out.

We've really enjoyed hearing from those who've already taken the tool for a test drive including BDP. So when we stopped by the team's Glasgow offices we took the time to find out more about their experiences and captured their thoughts on video to share.

The project 

The team at BDP have been working on a project at Glasgow's Queen Street station - part of a multi-million pound rail improvement scheme. The station is the third busiest in Scotland and a major gateway to the city from the north and the east. The station is the focus of the Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) which aims to increase passenger numbers between the two cities.

When finished the 1960s city centre structure will be replaced with a 500sqm glass façade celebrating the Grade A listed train shed at its centre. The platforms will also be extended to accommodate longer trains and has allowed designers to radically reshape the concourse and the way it relates to the city. Existing buildings hiding the concourse from the public realm will also be removed. The scheme will create a mixed-use development including catering, retail and the station facilities. An integration with the retail extension of Buchanan Galleries should ensure the station will become a destination in its own right.

The team

Architect, building services engineer, lighting design, acoustic consultant, sustainability consultant, BREEAM Assessor : BDP
Client: Buchanan Partnership and Network Rail

How the team used NBS services

BDP found that using NBS Create and Autodesk Revit streamlined the process of generating the project specification, and they believe this will de-risk projects as they move though to construction leading to better outcomes for all involved. The links between Autodesk Revit and NBS Create simplified the process of generating the project specification and identifying updates that were required as the design developed, and mitigated risks associated with the traditional disconnect between generation of drawings and production of Specification documents. An innovative company, and early adopters of new technology, BDP are keen to pilot the NBS Online Viewer on a live project as they are excited at the benefits the adoption of such advances in cloud technology promise to deliver to collaborative working. Working from Autodesk Revit models linked to the specification software meant that the whole project team, no matter where they were located, could access and interrogate a shared resource of model and specification information. A single model environment assisted coordination of design and construction information, as all members of the design team were accessing data from a common source where everything is linked, allowing innovation to flow.

We caught up with Bruce Kennedy, BDP's Architect Director and Project Technology Manager Don Kelman who showed us how they produced specifications for the scheme and linked those to project models.


Expect to hear more about BDP's approach to digital construction as we work up a full case study in the coming weeks.

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