Dr Stephen Hamil


Director of Design, Innovation, Research and Development at NBS/ RIBA Enterprises

Dr Stephen Hamil first started working on NBS products in 1999 and has played a big part in the developments of products such as NBS Building, NBS Create and the NBS National BIM Library.

He is the project lead for the NBS BIM Toolkit project which will complete the Level 2 BIM suite of tools for the UK Government's BIM Task Group.

Prior to joining NBS, Stephen studied at Durham University. His first degree was in Structural Engineering followed by a PhD in the digital modelling of building structures.

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21 October 2016 | by

BIM Level 2 – Was it worth it? Is it working? And what support can we expect for BIM Level 3?

04 August 2016 | by

NBS recently became the first UK organisation to become an Autodesk Solution Associate following years of hard work and collaboration via the Autodesk Developer Network. Here we take a look at developments.

04 August 2016 | by

At NBS we are committed to supporting open standards for BIM. Furthermore, we have been one of the most active organisations in the UK involved in developing these standards and encouraging their use. Here we explore just what that means in practice.

08 March 2016 | by

Slides from the BIM Through the Project Timeline presentation delivered by Dr Stephen Hamil from NBS at Ecobuild 2016.

01 June 2014 | by

An insight from small and medium practices that have adopted a BIM process.

01 April 2014 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil, Director of Design and Innovation at NBS, gives his thoughts on BIM Show Live 2014.

01 January 2014 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil's presentation on BIM in action given at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers conference in November 2013.

01 December 2013 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil looks at how NBS Create can be used within a collaborative level 2 BIM project.

01 October 2013 | by

We explore the 'Toolbox' spreadsheet that accompanies the book Assembling a Collaborative Project Team.

01 July 2013 | by

Discover how NBS Create has been designed to enable you to quickly and easily specify construction products either generically or by using manufacturer and product references. This guide also illustrates how to export a full list of all the manufacturers and product specified in your NBS Create specification, plus how to output into a COBie format.

20 May 2013 | by

Recently presented at the BIM Show Live 2013, Dr Stephen Hamil, NBS Director of Design and Innovation, discusses how NBS Create and the NBS National BIM Library can be used to enable information flow throughout the entire BIM process, thus maximising the benefits of BIM. The features shown in the NBS Plug-in for Revit including Autodesk Revit 2014 compatibility will be available with the next version, scheduled for release in June 2013.

01 May 2013 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil looks into some of the advantages of a digital plan of work as the 2013 RIBA Plan of Work is published.

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