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Before starting your Death Star specification. It is essential to set the scene with music. Every villain needs a theme tune...right?

Things you will need

Specification writing software – might we suggest NBS Chorus? It allows you to collaborate and make real time updates with team members currently residing in other galaxies and make changes from any planet. 

Top quality manufacturer products that can withstand heavy blasts – we recommend you check out NBS Source, the construction product platform. You might want to start with ‘thermal exhaust ports’.

Optional – A force of at least 60, 000 storm troopers. 

Find the perfect products

Use NBS Source to find your products. The integration with Chorus will allow you to add them straight to your specification with the click of a button. You can even compare products to make sure you get the perfect blaster, escape pod or hand-dryers for your restrooms (if you have those 60,000 Stormtroopers on board, kind of a must have). Find everything you need, all in one place – without scouring the galaxy. 


Handy features

You’ll want to make sure your Death Star is up to the latest standards and legislation, after all, nobody wants an outdated Death Star, luckily for you, the Construction Information Service (CIS) is fully integrated with Chorus. And you thought Jedi mind tricks we’re impressive. 

Why have one Death Star when you could have ten? Masters allows you to clone template specs, with the click of a button – again, just think of all those Stormtroopers.

Make sure your spec matches your dark and imposing aura. Keep it on brand by using Stylesheets in NBS Chorus, which allows you to create custom templates for your specs. Matt black, all day, every day. 

Make a model

NO, not Lego. 


Chorus links up to leading design tools - Revit, ARCHICAD and Vectorworks, allowing you to build your model as you go. Chances are you’ll have a mildly threatening board of cape wearing colleagues you’ll need to seek the approval of - your specification and model can be accessed by all relevant members of the project team (not today, rebels) via the cloud.

You can also make an audit trail, so if someone switches out that particular control panel you were a big fan of, you know exactly who to force choke. 


Uniclass 2015

The chances are you’ll be working with people from many a different planet and many a different species. Use Uniclass 2015 to ensure you’re all on the same page. We’ve provided a table of codes below you might find useful.

20_10 Hemisphere complexes

20_10_60 General sectors
20_10_65 Command sectors
20_10_70 Military sectors
20_10_80 Security sectors
20_10_85 Service sectors
20_10_90 Technical sectors

20_15 Evil spaces

20_15_08 Bounty Hunter hospitality room
20_15_58 Carbonite freezing room
20_15_59 Carbonite thawing room
20_15_60 Dark Lord's observation chamber
20_15_65 Detention blocks
20_15_70 Emperor’s Lair
20_15_75 Emperor’s throne tower

20_20 General spaces

20_20_10  Armoury
20_20_15  Bottomless air shaft with extendable bridges
20_20_20  Bottomless tractor beam pit
20_20_25  Conference room
20_20_30  Death Star control room
20_20_35  Docking bays
20_20_40  Droid polishing room
20_20_45  Garbage room
20_20_50  Hangars
20_20_55  Helmet polishing room
20_20_60  Helmet storage
20_20_65  Landing bays
20_20_70  Storm trooper inept training room 1
20_20_75  Storm trooper inept training room 2
20_20_80  Tractor beam generator room

20_30 Civilian amenity entities

20_30_15 Death Star gift shop
20_30_20 Galactic roller disco
20_30_25 Imperial Chinese takeaway
20_30_27 Jedi mind trick counselling centre
20_30_30 Laser Quest
20_30_35 McVader’s
20_30_37  Mess halls
20_30_40 Nando’s
20_30_45 Rebel scum war museum
20_30_50 Sith Park
20_30_53 Spa, gym and hair salon (basin cuts only)
20_30_55 Storm Trooper break-out areas
20_30_58 First Order Tattoo parlour 
20_30_60 Taverns
20_30_65 The Hyperspace Cafe
20_30_70 Tie Fighter simulator


25_25 Defence systems

25_25_10 Blast doors
25_25_20 Deflection towers
25_25_30 Shield generators
25_25_40 Shield projectors

25_50 Energy generation systems

25_50_10 Artificial gravity generators
25_50_15 Drive thrusters
25_50_30 Power plant
25_50_50 Sensor arrays
25_50_60 Hypermatter reactor
25_50_71 Main reactor
25_50_78 Hyperdrive field generators
25_50_94 Navigational matrix
25_50_96 Thermal exhaust ports
25_50_97 Tractor beams
25_50_98 Ion engine systems

25_55 Laser systems

25_55_10 Heavy turbolaser systems
25_55_20 Superlaser systems
25_55_25 Targeting computers
25_55_30 Tributary lasers
25_55_35 Turbolaser batteries

25_31 Imperial products

25_31_28 Death Star FF+E
25_31_28_65 Imperial bidet
25_31_28_66 Imperial blasters
25_31_28_67 Lord Vader’s breathing apparatus
25_31_28_68 Storm Trooper helmets
25_31_28_94 Torturing devices
25_31_28_94 Tractor beam off switch

25_31_30 Vehicular fleet
25_31_30_10 Tie Fighters
25_31_30_10 Imperial Star destroyer
25_31_30_10 Imperial Light cruiser
25_31_30_10 Imperial Sentinel class shuttle

25_31_32 Miscellaneous products
25_31_32_65 Grey emulsion paint
25_31_32_66 White emulsion paint
25_31_32_68 Black gloss paint
25_31_32_70 Stellar fuel bottles

Well, we think that should just about cover the basics (lightsabre training is not our area of expertise). Now that your evil scheme is coming together, might we suggest you kick back, pour yourself a glass of Bantha milk and get started*.



*No Jedi were harmed in the production of this article.