21 November 2017

What is the NBS National BIM Report for Manufacturers 2017?

For the last seven years we've been running an annual survey on BIM among the UK design community - the NBS National BIM Report. During that time we have seen BIM change from a niche practice used by a handful of innovative design practice used by a handful of innovative design practices, to it becoming the norm for collaborative design, spurred by the 2016 government mandate.

At the heart of BIM is well-structured, standardised information that fuels effective collaboration. This information might be geometric or might refer to performance or classification information. These new information requirements places new demands on construction product manufacturers who are increasingly being asked to provide information in a range of formats, for a range of different people at various points across the construction timeline. This might take the form of brochures, product data sheets, compliance declarations, certifications, specifications and BIM information.

Our report goes some way towards answering the question "Is it worth producing all this information?".

What can I expect from the report?

Our full, free report is now available and can be downloaded via the link below. 

Download the NBS National BIM Report for Manufacturers (.pdf, 1.75Mb)

As well as findings from the survey, which draws on contributions from 173 respondents, our free-to-download report includes expert insight and analysis, and a range of feature articles including:

  • An introduction from Richard Waterhouse, CEO, NBS
  • David Miller from David Miller Architects shows how manufacturer BIM objects facilitate a dynamic digital design process
  • Drew Wigget, Head of Product Information at NBS explores structured product information and why it's important
  • Lee Jones from Ideal Standard shares the company's BIM journey.

What are the key findings in the 2017 report?

We've rounded up the top takeaways from this year's report and the full, free report itself provides full analysis.

How can I find out more?

We'll be running a free webinar going through the findings in more detail. Watch this space to find out how to sign up.

You can also find out more about our services for building product manufacturers right here on theNBS.com.