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Richard McPartland is editor of

As editor of since 2015 Richard is responsible for commissioning, editing and writing the content you see on the site.

He's spent over 17 years writing,  editing and presenting content for use across print, broadcast and online - including technology magazines, daily newspapers, BBC national and local radio, BBC Online, Directgov and a range of organisations in the higher education sector.

For the last ten years Richard has specialized in developing and implementing digital strategies with a particular emphasis on content migration, development, and promotion, all of which he's put to good use to deliver hundreds of websites and web services - the most recent of which is the redevelopment of

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27 October 2016 | by

Cavity wall insulation can be a great way of improving the thermal performance of a building, making it both warmer and cheaper to heat, but it's not always a suitable solution. We explore the pros and cons.

26 October 2016 | by

Renewable sources of energy have surpassed coal in the past year to become the largest source of installed power capacity in the world according to a new International Energy Agency study.

21 October 2016 | by

In BIM for Construction Clients, BIM pioneer Richard Saxon CBE focusses on the practicalities of a BIM approach from a client's perspective in a timely tome from RIBA Publishing.

21 October 2016 | by

BIM myths busted. We tackle some common misconceptions, misunderstandings and downright myths, when it comes to Building Information Modelling (BIM), and cut through the noise to seek out the truth about the digital construction revolution.

20 October 2016 | by

Introducing BS 8536-2: 2016. A new addition to the BIM Level 2 suite of documents gives recommendations for briefing for design and construction in relation to energy, telecommunication, transport, water and other utilities’ infrastructure to ensure that design takes into account the expected performance of the asset in use over its planned operational life.

19 October 2016 | by

We take a sneaky peek at 10 construction material innovations with amazing potential to change the world we live in. Enter the materials that save lives, repel germs, heal themselves and even 'sweat'...

18 October 2016 | by

What is the common data environment or CDE on a construction project used for? Who contributes? Who is responsible? Who owns the information within? Why use a CDE at all? We explore the idea of a central information repository that is at the heart of BIM implementation.

21 September 2016 | by

What is a clash? What kinds of clashes might occur? How can clashes be detected? How can they be avoided in the first place? How do Level 2 and Level 3 BIM help in the design and construction phases? Our guide to clash detection on a BIM project aims to find out.

21 September 2016 | by

Employers have a responsibility when it comes to providing personal protective equipment (and ensuring it is appropriately used) in the workplace. Here we outline some of the key considerations when thinking about PPE.

21 September 2016 | by

A new study has named London as the fifth most sustainable city in the world. The Sustainable Cities Index explores the three demands of People, Planet and Profit to develop an indicative ranking of 100 of the world's leading cities.

21 September 2016 | by

An authoritative guide to planning, creating and living with tall buildings, thoroughly reworked to reflect the latest industry developments, drawing on the advice and knowledge of more than 20 highly respected industry specialists.

19 September 2016 | by

The latest edition of Architectural Design (AD) explores the digital construction revolution and the challenges it poses for traditional views of ownership and authorship.

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