10 May 2018

Included in this year’s report:

  • An introduction from NBS CEO Richard Waterhouse
  • A warm welcome to Digital Built Britain from David Philp, Global BIM/IM Consultancy Director at AECOM
  • Insights into making BIM work internationally from Peter Barker, Partner at Ryder Architecture
  • May Winfield and Sarah Rock explain the idea behind the Winfield Rock Report
  • Even more industry insights, and a summary of the report’s key findings from NBS Head of Research, Analysis and Forecasting Adrian Malleson.


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What has the 2018 BIM Report shown?

  • The majority of those surveyed believe BIM will help to reduce both construction costs and completion times
    Slightly fewer agree that it will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions or reduce our trade gap, but overall there are clear and tangible benefits to BIM adoption.

  • Almost two thirds of participants agree that the Government requires BIM on its projects
    However, a similar number do not feel that this is being enforced. 14% of respondents believe the mandate has been ‘not at all successful’.

  • BIM usage has increased by 12% compared to last year
    Now nearly three quarters of those surveyed are ‘aware and using’ BIM, with a minuscule 1% unaware. BIM has gone from a niche platform to the norm.

  • The number of those who have adopted BIM, but who use it only on a minority of projects has dropped from a third to around a quarter
    Extrapolating the growth that we’ve seen in BIM usage within organisation since 2015 suggests that we’ll reach 90% within the next three to five years.

  • Lack of in-house expertise is the main barrier to BIM adoption
    Other factors include lack of training, lack of time to get up to speed and even a lack of client demand.


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Find out more and download a free copy of the report

Watch the BIM Report 2018 webinar