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03 May 2016 | by

Swedish researchers reckon transparent wood could offer significant benefits when it comes to glazing and solar panel production in future.

01 February 2015 | by

U-values measure how effective a material is an insulator. We look in detail at terminology and core concepts when it comes to thermal performance.

09 September 2016 | by

A new project to transform building facades into ‘biological computers’ made up of ‘digestive’ bricks that can create useful products from waste has been launched at Newcastle University.

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28 November 2016 | by

Most of a building’s problems can be traced to moisture. It causes wood to decay, concrete to crack, fungus to grow, metals to corrode, pipes to burst (from the cycle of freezing and thawing), and it damages and discolours interior finishes. Understand moisture and you can prevent damp occuring.

27 October 2016 | by

Cavity wall insulation can be a great way of improving the thermal performance of a building, making it both warmer and cheaper to heat, but it's not always a suitable solution. We explore the pros and cons.

24 October 2016 | by

How can we put bacterial ‘builders’ to work on a new generation of construction materials? Martyn Dade-Robertson explores the potential of synthetic biology and its role in building the cities of the future…

24 October 2016 | by

Shih-Ho Chao, Associate Professor of Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics at University of Texas Arlington, explores how building design has responded to the threat of progressive collapse...

21 October 2016 | by

Following the UK’s referendum on our future in Europe, we would like to invite you to take part in a further NBS survey about what the result means for our sector.

19 October 2016 | by

We take a sneaky peek at 10 construction material innovations with amazing potential to change the world we live in. Enter the materials that save lives, repel germs, heal themselves and even 'sweat'...

21 September 2016 | by

What do you need to consider when specifying seats for stadia? Our guide explores the role of the humble seat in providing a suitable ‘safe zone’ for audiences and where to look for advice on seating systems and layouts.

19 September 2016 | by

The cities of tomorrow are smart - technologically-connected, sustainable and reactive. But what does this actually mean? We seek clarity on definitions, look at the importance of emerging models and standards and ask whether inhabitants can expect a better quality of life.

09 September 2016 | by

A new generation of materials and structures will address concrete damage at various length and timescales.

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