28 November 2018

This is the latest in the updating programme and includes updates to five tables. Between updates, we liaise regularly with a growing number of individuals and organisations using the tables, to provide support and assist with requests for new codes.

Following the extensive revisions to the Complexes and Entities tables in the August update there is only one addition to the Entities table in this update. We have continued discussions with Transport for London and there are some additions in connection with the communications team and for points heating.

There are additions to the Systems and Products tables as a result of requests from various users and we have resolved some duplication in the 75 group of the Systems table.

We are grateful to all the organisations we have worked with for their input. As we share details of this activity, industry professionals can learn more about who else is using the tables and what purposes they are using them for, and the range of changes to expect and why.

The work of maintaining and enhancing Uniclass 2015 to continually support the needs of those operating in the built environment is an ongoing exercise. We welcome comment and input from all sectors in the construction industry via uniclass2015@theNBS.com.


You can download the tables and find lists of changes on the NBS BIM Toolkit website

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