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20 March 2017 | by

Uniclass 2015 is a unified classification system for the UK construction industry covering all sectors of the industry. Here we explore Uniclass 2015, introducing key concepts, explain how the tables are coded and how to view and download the Uniclass 2015 tables.

26 January 2017 | by

Uniclass 2015 is a dynamic classification for the construction industry. Our latest update features minor changes to six core tables in response to user requests.

04 August 2016 | by

At NBS we are committed to supporting open standards for BIM. Furthermore, we have been one of the most active organisations in the UK involved in developing these standards and encouraging their use. Here we explore just what that means in practice.

04 August 2016 | by

NBS recently became the first UK organisation to become an Autodesk Solution Associate following years of hard work and collaboration via the Autodesk Developer Network. Here we take a look at developments.

23 February 2016 | by

Uniclass 2015, the unified classification system for all UK construction sectors, continues to evolve. Find out more about the latest changes and the journey so far.

02 January 2015 | by

NBS is on course to deliver a BIM Toolkit ahead of the 2016 deadline for the use of Level 2 BIM on public sector projects. Here, we round-up what has happened so far and take a look at what you can expect when the service launches.

01 May 2014 | by

John Gelder looks at the latest developments to Uniclass 2.

01 December 2013 | by

Dr Stephen Hamil looks at how NBS Create can be used within a collaborative level 2 BIM project.

01 May 2013 | by

It has been suggested by some that, rather than developing or implementing Uniclass2, we in the UK should switch to OmniClass, used in North America. John Gelder takes a critical look at OmniClass comparing it throughout with Uniclass2.

12 March 2013 | by

Listen to what our in-house specialists think about BIM, Uniclass and much more.

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