NBS Online Viewer (Beta)

Cleverly connected for
collaborative construction

The NBS Online Viewer is the easy way for your project team to interrogate your project models and a wealth of connected data.

See it. Explore it. Share it. Change it.

The NBS Online Viewer makes it quick and easy for everyone working on your project to access and manipulate your 3D design model and dive into the wealth of information (all fully co-ordinated) it contains.

All you need is a web browser to see your project come to life like never before.

With links to manufacturer data and relevant regulations and standards close at hand, right from the start, the NBS Online Viewer should save you time and minimise risks.

Get started with NBS Online Viewer

Create an NBS BIM Toolkit project, upload your model and specification

Built for collaboration

With project information stored in the cloud, and accessible through any modern web browser, team members don't need to install any additional software. It’s as simple as visiting a website. Just upload your model and specification to get going.

For example, an architect may upload their design and specification to the secure project area. They can then invite their project team members such as the cost consultant, the contractor or the client to view and interrogate this information.



The NBS Online Viewer means members of your project team, and even contractors and clients, can walk through your model and specification early in your project to get a real feel for the finished project and helping to inform project decisions right from the start.

And all of this rich information is accessible through a standard web browser with no fiddly downloads or licences needed.

The information you need to make better decisions

Everyone involved in your project can access the consistent information contained in your specification at any time and easily navigate through the linked products. The result? Better project decisions and better buildings on the ground.

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Read our article Introducing NBS Online Viewer.

Ready to get started?

Create an NBS BIM Toolkit project, upload your model and specification

This development is another example of our work with Autodesk through the Solutions Provider partnership. Autodesk Forge components are used for the 2D and 3D model viewing technology.

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NBS Online Viewer (Beta)

The NBS Online Viewer is currently available as an open beta.
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Introducing NBS Online Viewer

NBS Support

NBS has a number of tools and resources to support and enable you to get the most out of NBS Online Viewer (Beta)
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Technical and software support articles are also available for the NBS BIM Toolkit.
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