Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is a group of about 30 built environment professionals brought together by NBS. We consult with the Panel to discuss the current issues facing the industry and deepen our understanding of how technical information is used in design and construction.

Panel members benefit from sharing information, ideas and networking with fellow professionals from different disciplines. We also share some of our thinking and development ideas at the early stages.

The current panel is comprised of architects, technologists, cost consultants, engineers, contractors, facilities managers and manufacturers from private and public sector organizations. The panel members have different areas of interest and expertise, and come from many different places. Some, but not all, members are NBS customers.

We aim to achieve the following:

We engage with Panel members in different ways with the focal point being a series of meetings. These meetings take place in a variety of locations around the UK.

What is expected of a Member?

As a member you would be expected to:

How will you and your organization benefit?

In joining the Advisory Panel you will benefit from:

How to join

People usually join the Advisory Panel for 2 years and new recruits are always welcome.

Please contact us at for an informal chat. Applications are welcome from all disciplines, whether you use NBS or not – all that is required is an understanding of the design and construction phases of building and refurbishment, and an understanding of the types of information needed by construction disciplines.


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