We ensure construction industry professionals have access to the right information at the right time in the right way. Our specification and collaboration, building product and construction knowledge tools and services enable you to deliver outstanding projects in an informed, collaborative and efficient way.

Our services for...

Make informed project decisions more efficiently and collaboratively with industry standard, connected tools and services.

Achieve efficient and low carbon projects, collaboratively with the most up-to-date and connected tools and services.

Design innovative and robust structures to extreme performance criteria, including for projects requiring Level 2 BIM.

Deliver exciting, collaborative projects with the latest sustainable solutions using our connected tools and services.

From just £60+VAT per project, add the NBS specialists to your team and improve your project documentation while saving valuable time.

Working with the government, institutes, and construction professionals we provide the research, knowledge, processes and tools you need to reap the benefits of BIM.

NBS provides business solutions and consultancy for large, multinational organisations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Many local authorities rely on NBS to produce efficient, best value projects on time and within budget. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We offer a number of opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of building products to reach UK specifiers through a variety of different channels.

Our tools by category

Tools for Specification and Collaboration
  • NBS Chorus The collaborative specification platform that supports global design and construction.
  • NBS Create Produce professional outline, performance and full specifications.  Essential for BIM.
  • NBS Building Industry standard design stage specification tool for building projects.
  • NBS Scheduler Ideal for refurbishment, alteration and small new build projects.
  • NBS Landscape Industry standard specification tool for hard and soft landscape projects.
  • NBS Domestic Pay-per-project online specifications for domestic building projects.
  • NBS BIM Toolkit Free-to-use project management tool for level 2 BIM projects.
  • NBS Online Viewer (Beta) The easy way for your project team to interrogate your project models and a wealth of connected data.
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Tools for Contracts           


Market research
Specialist research for the design and construction industries

Building Products and BIM Objects