Introducing Uniclass 2015

Uniclass 2015 is a unified classification for the UK industry covering all construction sectors. It contains consistent tables classifying items of all scale from a facility such as a railway down through to products such as a CCTV camera in a railway station.

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20 March 2017 | by

Uniclass 2015 is a unified classification system for the UK construction industry covering all sectors of the industry. Here we explore Uniclass 2015, introducing key concepts, explain how the tables are coded and how to view and download the Uniclass 2015 tables.

01 April 2016

Background to the development of the Uniclass classification scheme, as part of the BIM Toolkit project, rationale and info on how Uniclass 2015 is structured including latest updates and comprehensive table search functionality.

26 January 2017 | by

Uniclass 2015 is a dynamic classification for the construction industry. Our latest update features minor changes to six core tables in response to user requests.

23 February 2016 | by

Uniclass 2015, the unified classification system for all UK construction sectors, continues to evolve. Find out more about the latest changes and the journey so far.

05 September 2016

A look at plans to integrate Uniclass 2015 with a range of NBS services.

Vectorworks® leads the way in making Uniclass 2015 available to users
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Video guides to Uniclass 2015

Sarah Delany, head of classification at NBS, explains what Uniclass 2015 is and the scope of information that it covers.

Sarah Delany, head of classification at NBS, explains how the numbering system works within Uniclass 2015.

Sarah Delany, head of classification at NBS, explains how the Uniclass 2015 classification tables can be viewed and downloaded from the internet and how to use the search functions within the classification article on the NBS BIM Toolkit website.

Vectorworks® have developed a process which takes the Uniclass 2015 codes as published by NBS and associates them with the Vectorworks® classes which control attributes and visibility of properties on screen. Here we walk through the process step-by-step.

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