NBS BIM Toolkit

The NBS BIM Toolkit is the easy way to define who is doing what, and when, on your Level 2 BIM projects.

Benefiting public and private sector construction projects, the free-to-use toolkit provides step-by-step help to define, manage and validate responsibility for information development and delivery at each stage of the asset lifecycle. 

The toolkit is an indispensable way of delivering projects to meet the requirements of BIM Level 2, in accordance with the Government mandated use of this on all public sector projects. Read more

Use the NBS BIM Toolkit

Introducing the NBS BIM Toolkit

Key benefits

  • Information requirements can be developed at a strategy and brief stage working alongside the client
  • Your information delivery plan can grow through the design stages to determine who is doing what and when on a project
  • Level of definition bandings can be established and referenced to define what information is required
  • Manufacturer solutions can be easily found with digital information being provided in the right place at the right time
  • Specifications can automatically be generated from the responsibilities laid out in a delivery plan

The easy way to define who is doing what and when on your Level 2 BIM projects

The free-to-use NBS BIM Toolkit has been developed by NBS specialists and industry partners and gives the members of your project team the power to:

For clients and asset managers
Comprehensively define information requirements to ensure your needs are met and better project outcomes are guaranteed.

For design and construction teams
Assemble a team with clearly assigned roles and responsibilities to work collaboratively on your Level-2 BIM project.

For construction managers

Provide digital information quickly and easily to specifiers on thousands of construction projects.

The NBS BIM Toolkit is an integral part of the suite of documents and tools that underpin the delivery of UK Level 2 BIM allowing you to:
Define information requirements

Easily produce the information requirements, aligned to specific project stages, for insertion into key documentation such as Employer’s Information Requirements.

Manage the delivery of this information

Develop and manage this information through the project timeline using a standard digital plan of work that is built for BIM.

A comprehensive set of definition templates
Save time by referencing thousands of expertly researched definition templates, all classified by a construction-wide unified classification system to give a common UK construction language.

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