Once you draft and issue forms of certification on your job, certain fields in the Job Details windows will become fixed. This means those contract conditions are fixed.

Once certain forms have been issued, the following fields will be locked in the job details:

  • Job reference
  • Form of contract
  • Employer
  • Contractor
  • Contract sum
  • Advance payment
  • Full retention
  • Retention post practical completion

One affected item is the form of contract. This becomes fixed once you draft your first form of certificate.

Another is contract sum. This is detailed in the contract conditions, and any changes to it need to be recorded as part of an audit trail. Amendments to the contract sum should be made through issuing an architects instruction with an appropriate addition or omission. Once this has been issued, NBS Contract Administrator will then calculate the revised estimated contract sum and display it in the current status panel of the job details editor.

Another is the retention percentage %.Once you have issued a certificate the percentage amount cannot be changed.

What happens if these fields are fixed and you need to change them?

If you have only drafted or issued your first form of certificate, recall and delete it. This will unlock the job details again.

If you have issued more than one certificate already you cannot go back. This is because you can only recall the last certificate you issued. In this situation we recommend doing a Job in Progress.

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