When opening Contract Administrator for the first time, you are prompted to  create a data store or select an existing one. The datastore is what contains your contracts and information within the software. There are a couple of ways you can have your data stores set up.

Individual data stores

Create a data store by selecting "Create a new data store" option on the data store setup wizard and selecting Next. You can then browse to a location for the data store file to be stored; this should be held locally and therefore will be individual to users on that machine. If you have an existing data store use the Use an existing data store option in the wizard and select Next, you will then be given the option to browse or search for your data store.

Single data store for multiple users

To allow all NBS Contract Administrator users in the office to access the same set of projects: Create a data store on a network location (UNC, shared or mapped) from the first NBS Contract Administrator installation using the Create a new data store option, select Next and then browse to the desired location. For any subsequent installations, use the Use an existing data store option and the select Next to browse to the folder that the data store is located in.