NBS Building

NBS Building Refresher

This is a new course aimed at specifiers who have prior experience of using NBS Building and ideally have previously attended NBS Training. A basic level of understanding of the NBS Building interface and functionality is required. This course is not suitable for new users to NBS Building (Using NBS Building is recommended instead).

This course is designed to provide delegates with the skills needed to get back into the driving seat and produce well written and up-to-date specifications by utilising all of the in-built features of NBS Building.

On completion of the course you will have re-visited:

This is a half day (3 hour) course is delivered online, to enable you to get back up to speed without the disruption of leaving the office.



Session 1

Introduction to the software interface
Creating and setting up a new specification
Editing work sections
- Editing clauses
- Copying clauses
- Creating new clauses
- Adding manufacturer's product clauses
- Adding user guidance


Session 2

Completing a work section
Creating revisions
Printing, exporting and formatting
Feedback survey





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