George Quezada

George Quezada
Research Scientist, Data 61

Dr George Quezada is an innovation scientist with the CSIRO | Data61, undertaking research on digital disruption and technological innovation, and how government policies, organisational and industry structures, and related institutions shape essential service provision. The aim of this research is to develop and test strategies that enable economic opportunity and rapid transitions to a sustainable, resilient and resource efficient future. His past research explored innovation and transition in the energy and water sectors. Currently, he leads foresight studies on the future of digital technology and the digital economy. He recently led a scenario planning process on the future of construction and established CSIRO’s Urban Living Lab initiative, which is identifying and developing special purpose innovation zones in new urban development areas.

His research is anchored around the interplay of diverse actors involved in developing and governing urban areas. In practice, the aim of this research is to inform innovation strategy, and the design of new business and governance models that align technology with social, environmental and economic policy objectives, and that ultimately support the emergence of towns, cities and economies that behave more like living systems.

Prior to CSIRO, George was an organisational psychologist working in applied research and organisational consulting. His research centred on the management of innovation in R&D organisations and knowledge-service firms, while most of his consulting practice was within the engineering and infrastructure sector, undertaking organisational reviews and improvement projects, and building effective teams and leadership capability.

George Quezada receives funding for his research from private and public sector organisations involved in cities and the built environment.

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