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We round-up articles focussing on construction in Australia.

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21 August 2017 | by

How can we cut the environmental impact of one of construction's most prevalent building materials?

19 February 2017 | by

The volume of natural resources used in buildings and transport infrastructure increased 23-fold between 1900 and 2010. Globally, there are now 800 billion tonnes of natural resource “stock” tied up in these constructions, two-thirds of it in industrialised nations alone.

24 October 2016 | by

Breakthroughs in virtual and augmented reality technology are expected to change the worksites of the future. Research scientist George Quezada muses on the construction jobs of tomorrow...

17 June 2016 | by

Guy Keulemans, Associate lecturer at UNSW Sydney, explores the problem of steel reinforcement, known as rebar, concealed within concrete structures.

05 April 2016 | by

A Home Office campaign is targeting illegal workers in the construction industry. We explore the intention and impact, and look at ways of enticing new people into the industry or encouraging skilled people to return.

24 June 2015 | by

Most countries have some ambition when it comes to setting an exemplar approach for the development of sustainable buildings. John Gelder asesses Australia's approach.

09 June 2014 | by

Professor Xiangyu Wang from Curtin University in Perth explores the potential of Building Information Modelling and looks at how Australia is meeting the challenges of the digital construction revolution.

02 September 2013 | by

As well as looking at the properties of rammed earth, or pise, this programme asks whether concrete should be added as a stabiliser, the issue of cost, and along the way we look at some high-profile failures and successes.