Jodie Carson

Jodie Carson
Placement student with NBS as part of the PlanBEE Initiative.

I am currently partaking in the PlanBEE Built Environment apprenticeship course which allows students to gain qualifications while also gaining valuable experience of working within the construction industry. Having started in September 2017, I am in my first year of the course working to achieve my Higher National Certificate (HNC).

I am at my first four month placement with NBS where my time involves rotations around different teams and working in different roles within the company, including in Software Development, Product Information, Technical and Research.

Working at NBS has provided experience into a variety of roles and responsibilities; I have had the opportunity to discover the way that different teams work both individually and together and this, I hope, will help to shape my aspirations and career path.

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17 January 2018 | by

It’s easy to see why some people think that adopting a BIM approach might only be worthwhile on bigger projects, but is there benefit and value in adopting BIM processes for smaller projects? And just what is a BIM approach anyway?

09 January 2018 | by

The UK Government is taking a keen interest into the way that the UK can reduce its carbon emissions: this begins with legislative acts and policies.