Koko Udom

Koko Udom

Former Head of Contracts and Law at NBS

Koko Udom is former Head of Contracts and Law at NBS.

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01 May 2014 | by

Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) is one of the new models of procurement being trialled by the Government; the new models are aimed at achieving up to 20% savings in Government construction spend.

01 February 2014 | by

An introduction to the FIDIC contracts which are reputed as the leading contracts in international engineering and construction projects.

01 October 2013 | by

While closer collaborative working brings a range of benefits, our research suggests there's still much more to be done to spur widespread adoption of such methods.

01 May 2013 | by

In 2013 the BIM Task Group published important legal and contractual documents that will underpin the adoption of BIM in UK projects. Here we examine the prime document in the set - the CIC BIM Protocol.

01 February 2012 | by

We look at the legal issues that may arise in adoption the BIM process and how to manage these and explore considerations when deciding on an appropriate approach for adopting BIM in the light of these concerns.

04 January 2012 | by

We assess the impact of the Government Construction Strategy report.