Roland Finch


Technical Author at NBS.

Roland Finch is a technical author at NBS.

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01 May 2010 | by

We put party politics aside to assess Government progress on Health and Safety.

01 January 2010 | by

Hefty fines can ensue for firms found to be ‘cover pricing’ their work. We investigate the pitfalls.

01 December 2009 | by

Part II of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 has brought about significant change to practices in the construction industry - we look at impact and areas for potential improvement.

01 April 2009 | by

The JCT Constructing Excellence Contract (JCT/CE) was launched by Sir Michael Latham on 1 March 2007. He described it as "highly readable", "user friendly" and "practical".

01 October 2008 | by

NBS Preliminaries includes sets of clauses for use with the JCT Major Project Construction  Contract. We explain some of the main features.

01 June 2007 | by

We look at how to construct an action plan for sustainable housing development.

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