Stephen Surtees

Stephen Surtees

Stephen Surtees is a Technical Author at NBS.

I am responsible for maintaining many of what would normally be termed 'specialist systems' within the building services environment. In my time so far at NBS I have carried out a major update of the access control sections with ongoing authoring to high voltage and generator installations content.

My role at NBS allows me time to research each topic in depth enabling my content, and in particular guidance information, to be as comprehensive and current as possible. My focus is always on trying to clarify and demystify complex standards and manufacturers' information in order to better guide our customers in their preparation of specifications.

During my career in the electrical engineering field I have worked in many diverse areas of the industry. My experience ranges across conventional installations in education, health care, retail and residential, underpinning my more specialist work associated with rail transport and power generation facilities. Prior to my current role at NBS, my working life started as an apprentice electrician in the electrical contracting industry, followed by periods in industry, local authority and consultancy.

Working across a variety of electrical engineering environments has provided me with many opportunities to stretch myself as an engineer, none more so than my current position. I have been very lucky to work on many technologically demanding and commercially challenging projects which I feel brings added value to my NBS authoring.

I am looking forward to reviewing and updating my section content, in line with recent changes to standards and ongoing system and product development. I am currently working to expand my understanding in selected areas of responsibility and feel enthusiastic about the opportunities this may provide to represent NBS externally throughout the industry.

The technical author role at NBS suits my natural inquisitiveness and allows me to self-educate, while striving to pass on the knowledge I gain and provide a valuable service to colleagues in the field of electrical engineering.
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Procuring an electronic access control system is often way down the list of priorities when designing a new or, refurbishing an existing property; however, in this article we explore some important aspects to be considered when developing an access control strategy and highlight some of the pitfalls to be avoided if the optimum system is to be designed and installed.