17 August 2023

In today's complex construction industry, delivering quality design solutions is increasingly challenging. Architects often take on the role of lead consultants on projects and manage the entire design process under a single contract, including cost management and sub-consultants, including engineers and landscape designers.

This approach places a huge responsibility on an architect beyond design work and comes with significant risk. To manage the design team effectively, a design manager is brought onto the project to help. 

Design management includes contractual and fee agreements, planning and programming, change control and progress reporting. It can also include the management of the architect's sub-consultants, such as mechanical and electrical engineers, landscape designers, structural engineers and other specialists.

NBS Schumann, the specialist specification consultancy, has provided design management services on international projects for over 30 years. Their experienced team follows a proven methodology that reduces risk and allows architects to focus on designing and delivering first-class projects.

The NBS Schumann team focus on proactive leadership, project setup, progress tracking, and troubleshooting, including:

  1. Building a team at the competition/ RFP stage, including recommending suitable companies.
  2. Main appointment negotiations.
  3. Appointment and management of subconsultants.
  4. Progress tracking and reporting.
  5. Change management.
  6. Client and stakeholder engagement.
  7. Delivery and implementation of:
    A) Project management plan
    B) Project directory 
    C) Design programme
    D) Communication plan 

NBS Schumann's primary role is to help clients meet their contractual obligations through efficient management, enabling designers to focus on their core strengths.

Their services range from a light-touch and high-level approach to hands-on, daily management, adapting to each client's needs.

In today's complicated construction landscape, NBS Schumann is a reliable partner, bridging the gap between creativity and successful execution, driving projects towards accomplishment.

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