19 August 2021

Getting more from your NBS subscription 

Although NBS Chorus is about helping you work on your projects more efficiently and effectively, your subscription comes with many more features that you can benefit from, even when you're not currently working on a live project. Here are just five of the additional perks of having an NBS Chorus subscription. 

1. Keep up to date with the latest standards and regulations

NBS Chorus, our leading specification-writing platform, always provides the latest standards and guidance so you don't have to find the information yourself. Our library of specification content, guidance and manufacturer product information is authored by our team of specialist content experts, meaning you can be confident that the information is always accurate and up to date. You can also use the content and guidance in Chorus to support external project documentation to ensure that its up to date.

2. Free training, events and webinars

We provide a wide range of training to help you make the most of your NBS subscription. As an NBS customer, you have exclusive access to the NBS Academy, which offers a range of training options delivered in a format that suits your needs and your budget – whether that's online, on site or via public sessions. Whatever your level of experience with the NBS platform, our dedicated trainers will help you to work smarter and more efficiently. You also get access to our free events, masterclasses and webinars, including the Construction Leaders' Summit. And don't forget – you will receive CPD points by attending any NBS events, webinars or training sessions. 

3. Store master templates for future projects

Rapidly create master specifications in NBS Chorus and reuse them in an instant. Masters can be created from scratch or copied from existing jobs, and you can control who can edit, maintain and reuse them in projects. Masters not only help you save time and improve efficiency on projects but they can also help to upskill your team by providing best practice and organizational knowledge. 

4. Find products in NBS Source for free 

NBS Source is our free-to-use single source for manufacturer product information. Access enhanced product data in a readily accessible and consistent format so that you can find the products you need and integrate them into your project workflow. In addition, NBS Source is fully integrated with NBS Chorus, so you can add products to your specifications at the click of a button.

5. Industry and specification expertise 

At NBS, we've always got industry experts and technical authoring teams on hand to assist you with your projects through support and training.

As a customer, you also get exclusive access to the in-product NBS Chorus Help Centre, which provides technical help and eLearning modules to help you brush up on your Chorus knowledge and skills, and keeps you up to date with the latest NBS Chorus developments. You can also have your say on future developments in the forum, where you can suggest features to be developed.

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