03 June 2020

CPD is a crucial part of any architects role. As it’s usually delivered in person, lockdown proved a challenge for those wishing to attend CPD seminars. As a result, as the construction industry shifts online, so has CPD. Phil Ward, at Lee Evans Partnership, shares his experience of attending his first virtual RIBA CPD seminar.

“For a company who likes to host 30 CPD’s a year, the closure of the office in mid-March due to COVID-19, meant that, amongst other things, the offer to provide regular training for Architects was left in tatters. The cancellations from manufacturers started slowly, but once the news got through that social distancing was to be implemented and businesses directives forbid colleagues from going to meetings, the cancellations arrived thick and fast. And they were surprisingly wide-reaching too; not weeks ahead, but months

A few days after the Governments first televised announcement about social distancing, we noticed on LinkedIn the first wave of manufacturers turning their attention to hosting live CPD’s online. Quick to re-establish some daily norms for our colleagues stuck at home, we picked up the phone immediately to one of the company’s advertising this new service, which happened to be a RIBA CPD Approved company, who offered us the chance to participate in their first trial live CPD.

A few days later, 25 employees were logged into ZOOM, happily watching their first live online CPD from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Phil Ward, Lee Evans Partnership

Just like an office-based seminar (except without the sandwiches), we could hear the presenter, we could see the presenter, we could even ask questions to the presenter, and could they! The outcome was quite unique. Having been presented with a once in a generation national emergency a few days earlier, the speed at which our sector turned things around was quite staggering. For the time being at least, this is the new face of CPD’s and it is already flourishing.”

Many architects have been in with touch to ask how best to keep up-to-date with their CPD obligations during this unprecedented time.

RIBA guidance advises you to continue developing and updating your skills, knowledge and expertise to maintain and improve your competence for the work that you undertake and the role you are required to perform.

You can find out about your annual obligations as a chartered member here, and we have also produced this article on professional obligations more generally. And lastly, take a look at the RIBA CPD Quick guide, which answers some of the frequently asked questions.

Even if you have been furloughed, you should still be able to access any learning your business has organised. However, you should continue to obtain CPD yourself as an individual chartered member. With this in mind, we have some solutions for you.

Many RIBA CPD Providers Network members are offering free digital learning, and will also deliver their CPD seminars live, free and remotely. So far, nearly 50 of our providers have started providing online CPD and they are getting a brilliant response. The majority are delivered live, giving you the opportunity to interact, discuss and ask questions, which replicates the live, lunchtime, in-person events you are so used to, complete with registration, calendar integration, screen sharing, discussion and much more.

If you’re looking for CPD check out our latest CPD here.