Melanie Thompson

Melanie Thompson

Freelance Author/Editor

Melanie Thompson is a freelance author and editor and runs Get Sust! delivering sustainable construction news to students, academics and professionals since 2003.

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01 January 2015 | by

We investigate whether a new concept in refurbishment help to alleviate the UK’s serious shortage of warm, sustainable and affordable homes.

01 January 2015 | by

A review of the new BCO ‘Guide to Specification’ – written by the industry, for the industry – with five emerging themes for sustainable office buildings picked out.

01 September 2014 | by

Is the time right to reconsider our approach to solar power? We muse on the role for solar energy in the UK's power mix.

01 June 2014 | by

What can 2014's glorious summer of sport, with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the annual Wimbledon championship, the Tour de France descending on Yorkshire, and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow teach us about sustainability?

01 April 2014 | by

Melanie Thompson of Get Sust! reflects on the construction industry’s frustrations, vented at Ecobuild in March 2014, and urges action ahead of the 2015 General Election.

01 December 2013 | by

Sustainability is a multi-dimensional concept. NBS Live on 26 November 2014 managed to cover many of the dimensions in a short space of time. How did they do it? Melanie Thompson of Get Sust! suspects they had some special help ... (can you guess what?)

01 August 2013 | by

Ideas of what, where and how to swot up on sustainability, and how to convince your HR department that it's worth it.

01 June 2013 | by

We need to pay attention to the spaces between the homes if we want to create truly sustainable communities argues Melanie Thompson.

01 January 2013 | by

Mealanie Thompson explores a study by the UK Energy Research Centre.

01 October 2012 | by

Top-down environmental protection strategies can have unintended ecological consequences. We explore how to mitigate the risk.

01 August 2012 | by

Which UK buildings deserve a gold for sustainability? We look at some best practice examples.

01 February 2012 | by

The newly installed Energy and Climate Change Secretary has picked up his broom and hit the ground running. We assess some of the issues he needs to grapple with.