As part of their ongoing publishing programme, the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) released the first batch of their ‘2016’ contracts towards the end of June. This included the Minor Works (MW) and the Minor Works with Contractor’s Design (MWD). This was followed at the end of September by the Design and Build Contract (DB) and the Standard Building Contract in November.

So what’s new? There’s a mixture of consolidation and new content in the two new MW contracts.

Some updating has come about as a result of the incorporation of some amendments issued since the contracts were last republished in 2011. This includes Amendment 1:2015, (which picked up changes resulting from the introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015), and also the JCT Public Sector Supplement: 2011 – ‘Fair Payment, Transparency and Building Information Modelling’.

As noted in their earlier press release externallink, JCT have made some alterations to the payment and insurance provisions, with the intention of making both easier to manage.

The payment section has been reviewed and streamlined, with the introduction of the concept of interim valuation dates, and the removal of the two-monthly intervals between payments after practical completion, to make the contract better match the ‘Construction Act’ provisions.

The insurance provisions have also been revised, with the intention of making them more reflective of the options available in the marketplace.

What about NBS content?

  • NBS Preliminaries/ Project Management

    Content for the JCT Minor Works Building Contracts has been reviewed and amended for inclusion in all of the NBS specification tools; NBS Binders and Discs, NBS Building, NBS Scheduler and NBS Create subscribers received updates in mid to late July. The A20 sections in NBS Landscape Preliminaries have been updated to reflect the 2016 editions.

    Updates to NBS Building preliminaries and NBS Create project management sections fro the DB Contract have been issued in November 2016. (NB. Preliminaries for the DB Contract are only available as part of the NBS ‘full service’ library, so do not appear in NBS Domestic, NBS Landscape, NBS Scheduler or Building Abridged or Minor Works libraries).

    The team at NBS are currently working to update the preliminaries/project management sections to reflect the JCT Standard Building Contract 2016 published in November.
  • NBS Domestic
    Preliminaries sets for MW and MWD contracts are included in NBS Domestic Specification. An update to the content was issued in June.
  • Contract Administration
    Template forms are produced for JCT contracts by RIBA Publishing. It is expected that once the whole range of JCT contracts is republished, the template forms will be reviewed. We will develop a plan for their inclusion within NBS Contract Administrator once available. The administrative procedures in 2016 versions of JCT so far issued can be accommodated using the 2011 forms, therefore customers can continue to use the 2011 forms within NBS Contract Administrator.


We are working hard to keep NBS tools and services up to date with the very latest versions of contracts. The first part of this for JCT 2016 is well under way.

For users of Scottish contracts or those who subscribe to NBS Landscape, you will be aware that SBCC and JCLI use JCT documents as the basis of their own contract forms.

We are in discussion with these publishers, and will update the NBS content as it relates to these forms as soon as possible after publication.

Watch this space for further announcements.

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JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016 (MW) externallink
JCT Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor's Design 2016 (MWD) externallink
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