21 December 2018

It’s that time again… tell us what you think about BIM.

More than two years after the Government’s 2016 mandate for collaborative 3D BIM on all publicly-funded projects, we want to know your thoughts on BIM. Have you adopted it? How embedded is it into your organisation? How is the industry doing at defining level 3 BIM?

The NBS National BIM Report has become an essential resource for both construction professionals and policy makers alike. Have your say by taking part in our ninth survey. It should only take around 10 minutes to complete and you can choose to be entered into our free prize draw to win either a £250 gift voucher or a donation to the charity of your choice*.

The survey is very similar to previous years looking at:

  • Awareness of BIM and the levels
  • Whether people have adopted it, and on which types of projects and percentage of projects
  • Attitudes of those adapting it versus those who haven’t e.g. will it help win new work, has it required changes to processes, etc
  • Barriers to adoption where people haven’t started using it
  • The government and progress to defining level 3 e.g. has the mandate been successful? Are the industry maintaining momentum to level 3 BIM? Have the government been successful at maintaining this momentum?

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