05 February 2018

The Uniclass 2015 tables were last updated in October 2017 shortly after the Project Management was published. Between updates, we liaise regularly with a growing number of individuals and organisations using the tables, to provide support and assist with requests for new codes.

The January Update is of particular benefit to construction industry professionals working in the rail and water sectors. Anyone using a previous version of the tables should also check the revisions sheets for updates to ensure they are referring to the latest codes.

Updates to Complexes, Entities and Spaces

The January 2018 Update features some additions to the Complexes, Entities and Spaces/ location tables as a result of input from the Southern Regional College in Northern Ireland and the Environment Agency. In addition, our liaisons have extended internationally to colleagues using the Uniclass tables at Transport for New South Wales.

Updates to the Products table

The Products table includes modifications and additions of note in relation to rail track and communications following work with the track and communications departments at Transport for London. Discussions and support in use of the codes continues with the manufacturers who supply Transport for London. New codes for the water industry also feature in this Update thanks to recent activity with representatives of Northumbrian Water Ltd.


We are grateful to all the organisations we have worked with for their input. As we share details of this activity, industry professionals can learn more about who else is using the tables and what purposes they are using them for, and the range of changes to expect and why.

The work of maintaining and enhancing Uniclass 2015 to continually support the needs of those operating in the built environment is an ongoing exercise. We welcome comment and input from all sectors in the construction industry via uniclass2015@theNBS.com.

Beta versions

The Form of Information (FI) table is currently available as a beta version. The status of this table is under review following the publication of the Project Management table. Anyone wishing to feed into its development can do so via uniclass2015@theNBS.com.

Changes to published versions

Status and revision information is available alongside each Uniclass 2015 table. Each information sheet (pdf) provides a summary of the changes made, as well as code-by-code details.

Uniclass 2015 is a dynamic classification for the construction industry. If you wish to get in touch, please do so at uniclass2015@theNBS.com.

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