31 July 2017

This July issue is the next in the three-monthly Uniclass 2015 updating programme. The Uniclass 2015 tables were last updated in April 2017. Between updates, we liaise regularly with a growing number of individuals and organisations using the tables to provide further information and assist with requests for new codes.

The July 2017 Update features minor changes to six tables in response to user requests and some major development work in the Activities table.

We have worked with Turner and Townsend Architects to add activities to reflect the BIM process as set out in PAS 1192-2. A new group of codes has been added under the group heading Ac_05 Project management activities. The new group has been arranged under subgroups for the project stages set out in PAS 1192-2. In addition to the project management activities we have added a new subgroup for Construction activities.

We are continuing our work with the Metropolitan Police to classify all their spaces and assigning activities where appropriate, which has led to the introduction of further new codes in the Spaces tables. Our work with the manufacturers who supply Transport for London has continued. Further Uniclass 2015 codes for the products supplied for the maintenance of London Underground have been added which will benefit others working in rail. In the Products table there are a number of additions as a result of feedback from users and new technologies.

We are grateful to all the organisations we have worked with for their input. As we share details of this activity, industry professionals can learn more about who else is using the tables, for what purpose and the range of changes to expect and why.

The work of maintaining and enhancing Uniclass 2015 to continually support the needs of those operating in the built environment is an ongoing exercise. We welcome comment and input from all sectors in the construction industry via uniclass2015@theNBS.com..

Changes to published versions

You can download the tables and find lists of changes on the NBS BIM Toolkit website.

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