Austin Williams

Austin Williams

Architect, project manager and author. Director of the Future Cities Project.

Austin Williams is director of the Future Cities Project externallink.

An architect and project manager by profession, he was the technical editor at the Architects’ Journal; architecture critic on BBC London; and transport commentator with The Daily Telegraph. He is now the architectural producer at NBS Learning Channels.

He is the author of Enemies of Progress; author and illustrator of Shortcuts Books 1 & 2; founder of Manifesto Towards a New Humanism in Architecture and co-editor of The Future of Community. He is the co-author of The Macro World of Microcars; and contributor to Academic Questions (Winter 2009-10); and Carchitecture.

He is currently writing Better City: Better Life: The Challenges of an Urban World; Shortcut Book 3: Environment and Process and On Progress: the Struggle between Liberty and Authority.

He speaks on a range of topics internationally and has written for a wide variety of publications, from The Times Literary Supplement to Top Gear; from New Humanist to The Tablet.

He devised and chairs the Bookshop Barnies.

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