Heinz Schandl and Fidolin Krausmann

Heinz Schandl and Fidolin Krausmann
Senior Science Leader, CSIRO and Professor of Sustainable Resource Use, Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt respectively.

Dr Heinz Schandl is a senior science leader at the CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences Division.

His research informs evidence based policies for sustainable consumption and production, resource efficiency and the green economy. He is an adjunct professor at the ANU Fenner School for Environment and Society, an adjunct professor at the Graduate School for Environmental Studies at Nagoya University, Japan and a member of the UNEP International Resource Panel.

Fridolin Krausmann is professor of sustainable resource use at the Institute of Social Ecology at Alpen-Adria University in Vienna (Austria).

In his research he focuses on socio-metabolic transition processes. He studies long term changes in the use of energy, materials and land in local rural and urban systems, national economies and at the global scale. His research contributed to the development of socio-ecological methods (e.g. material flow analysis, human appropriation of net primary production) and their adaptation for application in environmental history. He has published over 90 articles in peer review journals and 50 contributions to books.

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