12 January 2017

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) sees significant potential for savings from heat, cooling and energy efficiency within the different non-domestic sectors (public, business and commercial).

Unlocking information about the scale of the potential presents a number of challenges, not least because of the diverse nature of energy usage in those buildings.

In a bid to expand the department's evidence base those in the building industry are being asked to share thoughts in a new survey which will help test a number of government policies.

The aim being to:

  • Keep energy bills as low as possible;
  • Continue to ensure the UK has a secure and resilient energy system;
  • Remain at the leading edge of science, research and innovation; and
  • Reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively

The department has developed an online questionnaire which is now open for comment until 27 January 2017 and gives construction industry professionals the chance to support the development of a long term policy strategy to deliver the most effective savings.

Take the survey

Further comments and evidence are welcome via email to buildingheat@beis.gov.uk or by post to:

Heat in Buildings
Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
3 Whitehall Place

Alongside this call for evidence, BEIS is publishing its Building Energy Efficiency Survey (BEES) research. BEES provides detail on energy use and abatement potential to reduce energy and carbon emissions, as well as barriers and enablers across the whole non-domestic building stock.