06 August 2018

Update: Since this article was first written, all the content from the NBS National BIM Library has moved across to NBS Source.

Organizations in the construction industry are looking for a single provider to support their specification and information work in international markets. It is a natural progression for NBS to develop our tools and expand our service offering to support both our UK customers and also those working around the world.

It is something that our customers and the industry expect of us. We pride ourselves on being seen as global leaders in innovation. We innovate with and for our customers, and the customer is at the forefront of all that we do.

With this in mind, we are delighted to have been able to announce the launch of NBS Chorus, our new innovative specification platform. NBS Chorus allows the whole team to work together as one. It connects the people who you need, wherever they are, provides this team with accurate global standards and classifications, and connects this all together in a platform built for BIM on a global scale.

Our industry has been fragmented and in need of productivity improvements for too long. We need to find better ways of working, and the move to digital will be a major factor in how we can get this right. More clarity is required over ownership of product selection and specification decisions throughout a project’s timeline. Furthermore, the quality of workmanship must be documented so that it can then be verified on-site. By creating a ‘digital twin’ of the built asset and recording decisions throughout the timeline, a transparent environment with clear ownership will be created.

NBS Chorus has been launched with UK and Canadian specification libraries. We also have preview libraries for the Australian market and more global content in development. To be able to develop a cloud specification platform that works with classification systems around the world is something that we are very proud of.



We see NBS Chorus as the future of specification and knowledge management, with true value for those who adopt it

Richard Waterhouse, CEO at NBS



The NBS Chorus development builds on our work announced earlier in the year to expand our NBS National BIM Library and BIM Object Standard into Australia and Canada. This is an example of the common approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM) being developed, in partnership with the global community, to ingrain a standard method of working internationally. At NBS, we have adopted existing International Standards such as the IFC and COBie property sets within all objects in our NBS National BIM Library.

The library contains free-to-use, standardized generic and manufacturer objects. Where organizations need to supplement NBS objects with their own objects, we have published the guidance and resources that our internal teams use to create objects so that the whole industry may benefit from this.

At NBS, we have always taken the initiative to do better for our customers, and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the industry. We see NBS Chorus as the future of specification and knowledge management, with true value for those who adopt it. In addition, NBS Chorus for specification writing and the NBS National BIM Library for modelling is a powerful combined solution to help provide efficiencies and reduce risk for project teams around the world.


Find out more about NBS Chorus at www.theNBS.com/chorus
Find out more about NBS National BIM Library at www.nationalbimlibrary.com