Richard Waterhouse

Richard Waterhouse

Chief Executive Officer at NBS

Richard Waterhouse is the Chief Executive Officer of NBS. He is an architect and BIM specialist.

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06 August 2018 | by

It is a natural progression for NBS to develop our tools and expand our service offering to support both our UK customers and also those working around the world.

30 March 2017 | by

We are pleased to release the findings of our Specification Survey for Manufacturers. The findings of this survey are an invaluable resource for understanding the specification process, the needs of specifiers, and what they need from manufacturers to help them realise design intent.

14 April 2016 | by

NBS/ RIBA Enterprises CEO Richard Waterhouse introduces the National BIM Report 2016, the sixth NBS study into UK adoption and awareness of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

11 March 2016 | by

Slides from The Future of BIM presentation delivered by Richard Waterhouse from NBS/ RIBA Enterprises at Ecobuild 2016.

01 January 2013 | by

Richard Waterhouse, CEO, NBS and RIBA Enterprises, introduces the NBS Sustainability Survey 2012.

01 March 2011 | by

Richard Waterhouse, Chief Executive of RIBA Enterprises, introduces the Building Information Modelling Report, published in March 2011.

01 May 2004 | by

We examine the scope of Production information: A code of procedure for the construction industry and assess the guidance offered.