Richard Waterhouse


CEO of NBS/ RIBA Enterprises

Richard Waterhouse is the CEO of NBS/ RIBA Enterprises, the construction knowledge business of the RIBA. Architect and BIM specialist.

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14 April 2016 | by

NBS/ RIBA Enterprises CEO Richard Waterhouse introduces the National BIM Report 2016, the sixth NBS study into UK adoption and awareness of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

11 March 2016 | by

Slides from The Future of BIM presentation delivered by Richard Waterhouse from NBS/ RIBA Enterprises at Ecobuild 2016.

01 January 2013 | by

Richard Waterhouse, CEO, NBS and RIBA Enterprises, introduces the NBS Sustainability Survey 2012.

01 March 2011 | by

Richard Waterhouse, Chief Executive of RIBA Enterprises, introduces the Building Information Modelling Report, published in March 2011.

01 May 2004 | by

We examine the scope of Production information: A code of procedure for the construction industry and assess the guidance offered.