Periodic Table of BIM ebook

The Periodic Table of BIM
Now available to download as a free ebook

Section-by-section, term-by-term,
the essential BIM jargon buster

Essential BIM reading in a handy portable format, our Periodic Table of BIM ebook is now available, wrapping all of the supporting features and guidance into one information-packed download. pdf

Download the Periodic Table of BIM ebook (.pdf, 0.5Mb)

Also available, in beta, in.epub (0.3Mb) and .mobi (0.5Mb) formats.

A playful take on a classic

Taking inspiration from the traditional periodic table of elements, NBS recently launched a visual guide to the key terms and concepts you’re likely to encounter along the road towards BIM implementation.

In the Periodic Table of BIM, we document the stages necessary for closer collaboration (of process and people) by way of the technology, standards and enabling tools that will underpin your efforts.

The original table, published by Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, managed to organise 112 named elements (and acknowledge several unnamed ones) using strict rules and hierarchy. Our version sticks to a few guiding principles but is a less rigid affair – broken down into nine groupings with a number of elements in each.

Table, table, everywhere

Our table is designed to be a useful reference, ideal to print out and stick on a wall or share digitally, and should prompt thinking about areas of BIM-readiness that may need your attention.

With the office walls (literally) covered, we launched an interactive table, we then took to porcelain to spread the word via our now 'sold out' #cuppaBIM mugs.

Now we've got your commute and/or wifi blackspots covered. Our Periodic Table of BIM ebook explores the table section-by-section and term-by-term with context and explanation alongside a range of useful resources.

Essential BIM reading

Take the table with you, wherever you go, with all the supporting content wrapped up into one single downloadable ebook. Best of all, it's free.

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Download the FREE Periodic Table of BIM ebook

Take the Periodic Table of BIM with you on the go.

Download the Periodic Table of BIM ebook (.pdf, 0.5Mb)

Also available, in beta, in.epub (0.3Mb) and .mobi (0.5Mb) formats.

Don't forget you can still download (.pdf, 0.9Mb) or view an interactive version of the table.