06 September 2016

This summer our Periodic Table of BIM mugs fast became a social media sensation. Did you land your own #cuppabim ?

We asked you to send us a snap showing us your BIMspiration and (ideally!) your happy smiling face - and it's fair to say that you're a creative lot. Here's some of our favourite social submissions....

001_002Construction creativity from Emma.

002 Points for use of National BIM Library objects.

003 Special delivery - all the way to Dublin.

004 A meeting of minds - PTOB hits the big screen.

005  This one didn't have far to travel - another Geordie #cuppaBIM

006We suggested the PTOB would make a nice addition to your noticeboard - and thus it proved.

007 Taking a break for a nice #cuppaBIM.

008 Broken mugs replaced. A new NBS service.

009 A revolving door BIM object proves popular.

010 Cuddly owl and panda make an appearance...

Congratulations to all our winners who now own a limited edition mug. Unfortunately our competition is now closed for entries.

What is the Periodic Table of BIM anyway?

The often jargon-filled world of Building Information Modelling was ripe for a playful take on the classic periodic table of elements we all remember from our school days. By grouping together key concepts we hoped that the table would spur debate and help drive the construction industry's digital revolution. We also suggested that a printed version would make a rather smart (and practical) addition to your office wall. Thus, the Periodic Table of BIM was born.

The table went live back in February and, week by week, we've explored the groupings in more detail through a series of feature articles and we've recently launched an interactive version making it easier than ever to dip in and out of the element descriptions. We've even pulled together a BIM quiz to help you hone your skills and justify your bragging rights. And this summer you could have landed a PTOB mug. Happy days.