The construction industry is becoming more and more digital - there's no doubt about it.

Emerging technologies are continuously providing new opportunities: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Big Data and the Internet of Things are being adopted more and more across the industry and improving how we are able to work.

In the third and final section of our Future Buildings exhibition, we look at how the Internet of Things really works: by connecting everyday physical objects to the internet, you can control your home with everyday devices like smartphones, iPads and laptops. 


Get cosy with technology

Smart Thermostats adjust the temperature of your home based on your habits. Get comfortable while cutting down on costs and making your home more efficient. 



Hit the lights!

Adjust the lights right from your phone, wherever you are. Smart Bulbs even let you choose their colour and sync them to playlists for a full audio-visual show - all while saving energy.



Unlock the potential

Smart Locks let you in and lock you out - all without a key. Let your friends in remotely when you're running late, and add a keypad in case your phone runs out of charge.



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