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What to consider to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others on construction projects. Tap into specialist insight and analysis on Health and Safety from NBS.

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21 September 2016 | by

What do you need to consider when specifying seats for stadia? Our guide explores the role of the humble seat in providing a suitable ‘safe zone’ for audiences and where to look for advice on seating systems and layouts.

11 July 2016 | by

We explore the concept of corporate social responsibility as it pertains to the construction industry and the benefits of adopting a socially responsible mind-set.

14 March 2016 | by

We take a look at some key documentation that will prove invaluable when planning the fire safety strategy of your next project.

04 February 2016 | by

Large companies in England and Wales can now expect fines of up to £10m for the most serious breaches of health and safety law under new sentencing rules that have come into effect this month.

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10 January 2017 | by

There's still time for you to share your experiences from the frontline of the digital construction revolution to help shape the NBS National BIM Report 2017. Here we muse on some of the key trends we'll be watching for as your responses come in.

15 December 2016 | by

We would like to invite you to take part in our seventh annual BIM survey. Please take this 10 minute survey to share your thoughts on the introduction of the Government's 2016 BIM mandate.

28 November 2016 | by

Most of a building’s problems can be traced to moisture. It causes wood to decay, concrete to crack, fungus to grow, metals to corrode, pipes to burst (from the cycle of freezing and thawing), and it damages and discolours interior finishes. Understand moisture and you can prevent damp occuring.

02 November 2016 | by

The essential guide to risk management planning - vital not only for business and financial purposes, but for health and safety resasons too.

26 October 2016 | by

The NBS BIM Object Standard sets out what constitutes a high-quality BIM object – with the right levels of information, appropriate geometry, and a consistent, structured format. In this new series we explore the standard in detail.

21 October 2016 | by

Following the UK’s referendum on our future in Europe, we would like to invite you to take part in a further NBS survey about what the result means for our sector.

21 September 2016 | by

Employers have a responsibility when it comes to providing personal protective equipment (and ensuring it is appropriately used) in the workplace. Here we outline some of the key considerations when thinking about PPE.

26 August 2016 | by

A parliamentary inquiry into the accessibility of our homes, buildings and public spaces has been launched and views are being sought until Wednesday 12 October 2016.

25 August 2016 | by

David Percy from the University of Salford applies mathematical principles to car park design. Crunching the numbers he suggests some design recommendations that could make parking the car a lot less painful.

19 July 2016 | by

There's a packed events programme in store for the second half of the year. Don’t miss out on the best conferences, exhibitions, expos and networking events that can add value to your working life in 2016.

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