14 September 2016

100 Years 100 Buildings

John Hill

Founder of the A Daily Dose of Architecture blog, John Hill delights in sharing the structures that shape our environment. Here he presents a selection of 'significant' buildings - one from each year spanning 1916 to 2015 inclusive.

100 Years 100 BuildingsEach structure is detailed over a two-page spread with large colour photographs showing off the best of the building's design, while accompanying text explains the importance of each.

The criteria for inclusion is what makes this collection so special... Each building must be able to be seen, approached or explored...

The criteria for inclusion is what makes this collection so special. Hill insists that each building must be able to be seen, approached or explored by the average person. This is equal parts historical chronicle, architectural tour guide, and design inspiration.

From H.P. Berlage's Holland House in London, considered the first steel-framed building in Europe, to the newly-completed The Broad museum  in Los Angeles and its iconic glass fiber-clad concrete facade, Hill's passion for the subject is evident, and an introductory essay and timeline serves to put the entire collection in context.

100 Years 100 Buildings serves as a catalogue of interesting structures running the whole gamut of design trends, fads and fashions, that serve to demonstrate a range of themes and developments that can still be seen in the world of architecture today.

About this book

100 Years 100 Buildings was published by Prestel in September 2016 and is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and other booksellers. The title is published in softback (ISBN 978-3791382128).

About the author

John Hill is an architect, editor-in-chief of the Daily News section of World-Architects.com, and founder/ editor-in-chief of the blog A Daily Dose of Architecture, where he publishes daily articles about architecture news and book reviews. He is the author of Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture.