The importance of adequate hygiene facilities in public spaces and buildings cannot be overstated. While comfortable and private toilets are a must in all designs, there is a further need for accessible toilets driven by specialist campaigns such as Changing Places

Closomat is the UK’s only specialist manufacturer of wash and dry toilets, designed and assembled in the North West of England with over 60 years of history behind the team. They support specifiers by taking care of the supply and installation of the main components of a Changing Places toilet. 

We caught up with Marketing Manager Robin Tuffley to discuss Closomat’s unique offering and close relationship with specifiers, made more seamless through NBS Chorus and NBS Source.. 

Driving standards forward 

The Changing Places Toilets (CPT) campaign seeks to raise awareness for the quarter of a million people in the UK who require specialist toilets which are designed with more space and accessibility features, including a height-adjustable bench, peninsular toilet, and ceiling track hoist. 

Robin discussed their involvement in the CPT campaign:

"We were the original sponsors of the Changing Places Campaign back in 2009 and have been leading the field in the provision of these much-needed facilities ever since. We even provide instructional signage and safe working load signs."

Changing Places Toilets are now included in The Building Regulations Act, which has led Closomat to collaborate more directly with architects who wish to include more accessible facilities in their projects and meet compliance expectations. 

With their experience in the wider manufacture of toilet facilities and specialism in CPT installation, Closomat aims to be your go-to partner for any CPT installations you need. With that goal in mind, their team has created the Changing Places by Closomat collection. 

The Changing Places toilets feature more space than a standard accessible toilet (12m²), to accommodate the user and their carer(s), plus a height-adjustable washbasin, ceiling-track hoist, adult-sized changing bench, peninsular WC with space for carers on either side and a privacy screen. The additional space and equipment in these facilities ensures disabled customers with complex needs and their carers have safe access to a toilet when shopping, enabling them to stay longer in the store and feel confident and comfortable when doing so. Supermarket chain Morrisons has championed Closomat’s accessible toilets, with 10 facilities now available across the UK. 

Faith Martin, a 20-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, was asked about the impact CPTs made on her life: “Being able to use a toilet when shopping is something many of us take for granted. But for those who need extra support when accessing the toilet, the location of suitable facilities very much defines your choice of supermarket. 

“The new Changing Places toilets that Morrisons stores are providing will make a big difference to local disabled customers and those in the wider community.”

Closomat makes specifying Changing Places toilets simple

"Changing Places by Closomat is a collection of appropriate and proven products for use within a high-footfall environment. Our experience and expertise mean that when you work with Closomat and specify our products, your installation/venue will be signed off and registered with the Changing Places Campaign without question or delay."

"Without campaign endorsement, your venue won’t benefit from the promotion and collaboration that comes with central registration – Closomat will guarantee compliance and subsequent registration.”

As the construction industry continues to push towards sustainability and accessibility, architects can rest assured that Closomat is there to assist – not only with the supply and installation of CPTs but also with sustainable designs. “Our Palma Vita wash and dry WC uses water instead of toilet paper. Its efficient usage of warm water to cleanse the user negates the need to use toilet paper. Additionally, because all our products are made from high-quality materials, their lifespan is longer and reduces the replacement rate.

If you’re working on a new project, ensure you’ve accounted for those with disabilities in your design and create more inclusive toilet spaces with Closomat’s support. The brand’s presence on NBS Source makes it easy for you to ask questions, get product information and even collaborate on your design.

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