05 May 2017

Update: Since this article was first written, all the content from the NBS National BIM Library has moved across to NBS Source.

What is the Library Part Maker?

Graphisoft's Library Part Maker allows you to easily create even the most complex objects complete with the data required to meet the criteria of the NBS BIM Object Standard.

How can I use Library Part Maker to create object geometry?

Library Part Maker allows you to develop even complex shapes with the help of the native ARCHICAD modelling tools like walls, slabs, roofs and especially morphs. 

The tool offers three levels of definition for plan view symbols and 3D models. Users can associate lines, fills and shapes with the desired level of detail by placing them on one of the predefined layers. The object origin and the necessary hotspots can also be defined.

The only compromise when developing objects without any programming knowledge is the fixed nature of the resulting geometry.

How easy is it to add data to objects using Library Part Maker?

The Library Part Maker is one of the best available tools for creating data rich objects, enabling users to add data with a single click. Geometry can be created in ARCHICAD or imported from a range of popular file tormats (.IFC, .3dm, .3ds, .dwg, etc.).

Users can select between predefined data schemas and are able to import object data from customized or NBS BIM Object Standard-compliant Excel spreadsheets as well.

Crucially, no GDL experience or programming knowledge is required.

How is parametric behaviour set?

Attributes like pens, fills, line types and materials of the created objects are parametric and thus editable in ArchiCAD projects. Users can set the desired default values during the saving process.

The vast majority of the objects on the NBS National BIM Library website are set to concept white in default but this does not mean at all that the surfaces are fixed to be white. Library Part Maker enables parametric control over materials without requiring programming skills.

How has the Library Part Maker tool been received?

Stuart Clark, Director of Construcive Thinking is among those who have heaped praise on the tool.

He said: “Having created BIM objects in ARCHICAD using a variety of different tools and workflows, I can’t recommend the new ARCHICAD Library Part Maker more highly. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and required no programming knowledge at all.”

Constructive Thinking now uses ARCHICAD Library Part Maker to create all of its custom objects, doors and windows.

How can I get the Library Part Maker tool and find out more?

The tool is available to download, for free, from the Graphisoft website.

A detailed user guide for Library Part Maker (.pdf) has also been made available.

Download Library Part Maker

And those generic objects created using the Library Part Maker?

You'll find them on the NBS National BIM library website. We've grouped the Graphisoft ARCHICAD generic objects together so they're easy to find.