24 October 2017

Huwaei's Smart Cities Index has been updated for 2017 with Bristol leapfrogging London as "leaders" at the top of the table.

The study, conducted by Navigant Consulting, updating the inaugural research from 2016, found that Bristol had taken "significant strides" in developing a city strategy with innovation at its heart through initiatives like 'Bristol is Open' and a dedicated smart city operations centre and 'connectivity testbeds.

Elsewhere, Manchester (placed third in the table as a "contender") was found to have made biggest progress, with Birmingham, Leeds, and Milton Keynes ranking close behind.

The report is based on evaluations of 20 cities and their strategies, key projects and overall readiness in using digital technology to improve crucial civic services from transport infrastructure to healthcare.

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The Top 20 UK smart cities revealed

Rank City  Category
1 Bristol Leader
2 London Leader
3 Manchester Contender
4 Birmingham Contender
5 Leeds Contender
6 Milton Keynes Contender 
7 Glasgow Contender
8 Nottingham Contender
9 Peterborough Contender
10 Cambridge Contender
11 Oxford Contender
12 Aberdeen Contender
13 Edinburgh Contender
14  Newcastle Contender
15 Belfast Challenger
16 Sheffield Challenger
17 Reading Challenger
18 Liverpool Challenger
19 Cardiff Follower
20 Exeter Follower